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How to use the bike bottle cage?

The bike bottle cage is a simple device designed to hold a water bottle on your bicycle. Here are the basic steps for using a bike bottle cage:
Install the cage: First, you need to install the cage onto your bike frame. Most cages will attach to the frame with two screws or bolts. The cage should be positioned so that it is easily accessible while you are riding.
Insert the water bottle: Once the cage is installed, you can insert your water bottle. To do this, simply slide the bottle into the cage from the top. The cage should hold the bottle securely in place so that it doesn't fall out while you are riding.
Adjust the cage: You may need to adjust the position of the cage to make sure the bottle is held securely. If the bottle is too loose, you can tighten the cage by adjusting the screws or bolts. If the bottle is too tight, you can loosen the cage to make it easier to insert and remove the bottle.

Bike Water Bottle Holder KW-317-02
Use the bottle: Now that the bottle is securely in place, you can use it to stay hydrated while you ride. Simply reach down and grab the bottle when you need a drink, and then replace it in the cage when you're done.
Remove the bottle: To remove the bottle from the cage, simply pull it out from the top. You may need to tilt the bottle slightly to get it out of the cage. Once you've removed the bottle, you can drink from it or refill it as needed.
Overall, using a bike bottle cage is a simple and convenient way to stay hydrated while you ride. Just make sure to install the cage securely and adjust it as needed to ensure that the bottle is held tightly in place.