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What are the uses of bike rear carrier?

A bike rear carrier, also known as a bike rack or pannier rack, is a useful accessory for cyclists who need to carry items on their bikes. Here are some of the common uses of a bike rear carrier:
Transporting luggage: Rear carriers are ideal for transporting luggage such as backpacks, bags, or suitcases on a bike. They provide a secure and stable platform to carry your belongings.
Commuting: Many people use bikes for commuting to work or school. A rear carrier can be used to carry a laptop, documents, or other essentials.

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Grocery shopping: If you need to carry groceries or other shopping items on your bike, a rear carrier is a great option. You can attach pannier bags to the carrier to make it easier to transport your items.
Touring: Cyclists who go on long-distance tours often need to carry a lot of gear, such as camping equipment, food, and clothing. A rear carrier can provide the extra storage space needed for these items.
Cycling with kids: If you're cycling with kids, a rear carrier can be used to attach a child seat or trailer to your bike. This allows you to safely transport your child while cycling.
Exercise: Cyclists who want to improve their fitness often use a rear carrier to add extra weight to their bike. This can make cycling more challenging and help you to build strength and endurance.